About Our Company

MR Wire is a California State Licensed IBEW Union Communications Contractor. Founded by Mike Gaines and Rudy Schulz in 1989, we have provided quality Voice, Data and Video Communications wiring to customers all over the San Francisco Bay Area for 19 years. Our Installers and Technicians are qualified to install and terminate Coaxial cable, Fiber optic cable, and all manner of twisted pair including Cat3, Cat5, and Cat6, as well as many other specialized copper-based low-voltage cabling and the wide variety of hardware associated with structured cabling systems.

In the nearly two decades that we have been in business, we have performed a wide variety of jobs from the very large (like the campus wide wireless Internet rollout at Stanford University) to the very small (like re-routing a single phone line for a store in the mall). Our commitment to integrity and personal attention is illustrated by the volume of repeat business for which we are contracted. To this day, if you ask us to evaluate a job, you will almost certainly be visited by Mike, Rudy, or Mike's son Mike Jr. The family atmosphere extends throughout the rest of our staff. Most of our Technicians and Installers have been with us for the majority of their careers, and we are closer to being family than merely being co-workers.